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        Dario Chicco Haircuts at VOI, Darlinghurst, Sydney


        Sydney based hairdresser Dario Chicco, has been cutting hair since 1964. After operating several successful salons, including the famous ECRU in Melbourne’s South Yarra, Dario moved to Potts Point and is now the number one choice Potts Point hairdresser.

        VOI opened in 1985 in Paddington, Sydney. In 1990 Dario moved to the bustling Darlinghurst Road and he is now operating out of the new Cross / Diamant Building building in Kings Cross, Sydney.

        Foreword by Dario Chicco

        I started cutting hair in 1965, when cutting hair was an art, it was the sartorialist “tailored” individual period of hair cutting. At that time the great hair cutters like Jacques Dessange, Jean Louis David, Bruno Pittini and Vidal Sassoon re-invented the hair industry by wash and wear – “Pret-a-porter” cuts. From the 60′s to now I still continue to cut hair into shape. I never use a brush to force hair into shape.

        As you can see on my website, I have worked on all major magazines and some with some of the best photographers. None of the haircuts on my site have had a brush used to create the sartorial – “tailored hair cuts”.

        With the help of photographer www.haithamalaan.com, I am constantly adding new Pret-a-Porter – “wash and wear” real hair cuts on my site to show you that you can have a great haircut without your hair being tortured, pulled, ripped, burnt by using round brushes & hair straighteners that in time with cause traction alopecia.?


        About Dario Chicco and VOI

        “I always dry hair by hand and never use a brush or straightening tongs. Brushes stretch your hair & cause split ends, while tongs totally kill your hair ”

        “I cut in a natural way so as your hair naturally grows, and transforms into a new shape. This I do by cutting hair into a shape, not by blow-waving it into a shape.”

        Dario Chicco for Vidal Sassoon Japanese Television Commercial, 2006www.vidalsassoon.com

        Dario Chicco performs Eight Haircuts in 8 minutes

        Dario Chicco from Voi Haircuts cutting 3 styles

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